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Why Delegating Wedding Tasks Is A Must: Wedding Wednesday

Why Delegating Wedding Tasks Is A Must Indiana Wedding Photographer

I'm so excited to have Felicia of Emerald Lotus Events write this blog post for all of you! Felicia not only runs her own wedding planning business but also is the creator of Simple Wedding Planning that is an e-course that walks you though the whole wedding planning process. She is a wealth of knowledge so I'm so happy that she is sharing a bit of that knowledge with all of us for today's Wedding Wednesday blog post! Without further ado, keep reading to hear Felicia's advice about delegating tasks on your wedding day!

Felicia Dale of Emerald Lotus Events and Simple Wedding Planning

No matter how big or small assigning tasks is for all.

You might be planning a simple, intimate wedding for 30 of your nearest and dearest or an elegant grand affair for 300 guests but there is one piece of advice that holds true no matter how big or how small your wedding may be.

Hi there, I'm Felicia Dale, owner of Emerald Lotus Events in West Lafayette, Indiana and The Wedding Planning Studio in Noblesville, Indiana. I'm also the creator of Simple Wedding Planning, a video e-course that breaks down wedding planning step by step so you can reduce the overwhelm, know what to ask your vendors and how to organize all the tasks and people that come with planning a wedding.

I have been in the events industry to 10 years, and my jam, the thing that makes my heart spin around is wedding coordination; creating the big plan that ensures every person, place and thing is on time and in place for your wedding day.

Why this advice holds true no matter the wedding size

Big wedding or small wedding, there are still tasks that need to be completed, like transporting all of your personal decor to the venue, getting your space decorated, and getting your entourage prepped.

To ensure all the details you have painstakingly planned are completed and don't fall through the cracks there is one thing that you need to be sure you do and that is assign tasks, and be specific. By assigning tasks to specific people, you eliminate the chaos and the mad dash to get things completed before you walk down the aisle.

How it works

Think about when you worked on group projects, everyone in the group knew the objective was to finish the project, but they didn't know what to do until they were assigned a responsibility. When your project mates knew how they could contribute, they could stay in their lane and focus on completing their task. When everyone in the group known their personal assignment and the deadline, the project is completed on time.

When and how to assign tasks

A few weeks before your wedding,

- Identify your helpers

- Make a list of tasks that need completed

- Break large tasks down

- Share the start and end times

- Share where the decor and tools for the jobs will be located

For example, you're a DIY couple and you need your decor placed. You've identified that you need help with decorating the ceremony and reception space. Suzie, Mary, and Patty are onboard to help you.

Decorating for the reception and ceremony can be big jobs so, break the decor down into sections.

Reception: guests tables centerpieces and favors, cake and gift table, and signage. Ceremony: unity table and arbor.

Be specific in assigning tasks to each helper.

Give the centerpieces and favors to Suzie,

The cake, gift table and signage to Mary,

The unity table and arbor to Patty.

Let them know they can arrive at the venue by 9:00 am to start, the decor and any tools needed are located on-site at the venue, ask the venue coordinator for assistance. The job needs to be completed by 2:00 pm when the detail photos are scheduled to start.

Enjoy your wedding day

Your family and friends want to help you have the best wedding day, but they need a little direction. Assigning tasks to your wedding helpers not only gives them direction but helps ensure the little details don't slip through the cracks AND... yes there's another benefit, it takes the stress and worry off your plate so you have an opportunity to enjoy your wedding day instead of work it.

Be sure to check Felicia and her services out at: Emerald Lotus Events

Simple Wedding Planning



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