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Why You Should Take Engagement Portraits: Wedding Wednesday

Why You Should Take Engagement Portraits Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette

You are engaged! You may be wondering if you should take engagement portraits or not. My answer is always 100% yes (and so much so that I include a complimentary engagement session for all my wedding couples)! Below are just some of the reasons why you should get engagement portraits taken.

You'll have photos to celebrate your engagement portion of your love story.

While your wedding day kicks off your lives as a married couple, your love story starts way before that! Getting photos during your engagement helps you document your engagement portion of your love story. This is a special time in your lives and love story and deserves to be documents just like your wedding day!

You'll have photos to use for your Save The Dates and your wedding.

If you want to put photos on your Saves The Dates, your wedding website, or even to use during your wedding, then your engagement portraits are great for that! You'll have lots of professional photos that you can use for all things wedding!

It will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera for your wedding day.

Everyone feels awkward during a portrait session. No one truly feels natural in front of the camera or love getting multiple photos taken so it's totally fine to feel a bit awkward! Your photographer will be able to walk you through everything and make you feel more at ease. Having an engagement session will help you feel more at ease when it comes to your wedding day and your portraits. Think of it as a trial run!

It's a great way to get to know your wedding photographer.

Just like your engagement session helps you get more comfortable to take photos your wedding day, it also helps you before more comfortable with your wedding photographer! While you, more than likely, email and talk to your wedding photographer quite a bit throughout the wedding planning process, it's just nice to get to work with them before the wedding day. You can get a feel for how they act behind the camera and can get a better feel for their personality.

Pro Tip: If at all possible, take your engagement portraits with your wedding photographer. It will just make everything go a bit more smoothly on your wedding day after already working together for your engagement portraits.

You will learn your photographers key poses.

Just like getting comfortable in front of the camera and with your photographer, you will also get to learn your photographer's key poses during the engagement session. My learning their key poses, this just makes everything go a lot smoother on the wedding day. When your photographer tells you to get in a certain pose, you will already know what to do so it helps your portraits go faster so you can enjoy your wedding more!

You can see what poses you love and what to expect on your wedding day.

And when it comes to those poses, think of your engagement session like a wedding trial run. When you get your engagement portraits back, you can see what poses you love and maybe ones that you don't like as much. You can communicate this to your wedding photographer so they can make sure they do more of the poses you love on your wedding day!



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