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Your Life Is A Movie, Make Sure You Have A Good Soundtrack- Wedding Wednesday

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Today for Wedding Wednesday we have a guest blog post by Don, a local DJ's with Rat Pak DJ's. Rat Pak DJ's serve the midwest and certainly are a DJ to check out if you are getting married in Indiana. Don wrote the following article about why you should have a professional DJ at your wedding and why the music at your wedding really is important. Back when I got married, we hired a band to play for an hour of the reception but then did not hire a DJ to cover the rest of the event. We played music on our iPod and it was kind of a disaster. The playlist stopped, it played the wrong music at the wrong times and it really didn't entertain our guests. Looking back at our wedding, I really wish we would have booked a DJ as well. At the end of Don's article below, he talks about how you associate music with certain events in your life and that is really true! Even as a wedding photographer, I catch myself singing the song that was playing during the first dance at a wedding when I'm back home editing those images. I'm so focused on photographing the wedding events that I don't even think I'm really paying that much attention to the playlist but subconsciously I am and those song rush back to me when I'm editing images from the wedding. When you look back at images from your wedding, the music will rush back to you too!

Enjoy Don's article below and be sure to send Rak Pak an email if you are still looking for a DJ for your wedding!

"It was beautiful, I had so much fun!" Those are the 8 words you want to hear after your reception. A lot goes into those 8 words. The dress, the venue, the food, the weather... the music.

Just like any great movie, the music is always present in the background setting the mood. When it's time to mingle, when it's time to dance, when it's time to sing-along. When done properly music can elevate your big day to new heights. Conversely the music when handled poorly can drain the energy from the room.

It's tempting to save money and hook up a speaker and cue up that perfect Spotify list that you've been curating. But that Spotify list can't read the crowd in front of it and know when more energy is needed. It doesn't see that antsy look on your aunts face when she's wanting to hear a slow song to get your uncle to dance. It certainly won't hop out on the dance floor and show your grandmother how to do the "wobble". But a good DJ will. A good DJ uses the microphone and music to manage the flow, the feeling of your wedding reception. A good professional DJ will help not only you but your guests have a night that they will never forget.

That's the beauty of music, you end up associating it with the moments in your life forever. How many times have you heard someone say "How is it that I can't remember anything about trigonometry, but I still know all the words to Ice, Ice Baby!" It's because music is forever. Like photographs you will have those memories forever. It's your soundtrack, choose a good one. You'll have so much fun.

This is a guest post by Rak Pak DJ's. Learn more about them at



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