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Virginia Vacation/Workshop- Personal

Last weekend and the first part of last week I was in Virigina learning from the amazing Katelyn James of Katelyn James Photography. I have always followed and loved her work and have been wanting to attend one of her workshops for quite some time. I finally took the plunge and signed up for her workshop and it was THE BEST! I learned so much and am so excited to apply what I learned to Jasmine Norris Photography.

Since the workshop was on Monday and Tuesday, I drove up on Saturday so I could have a mini vacation before I started the workshop. Virginia was a good 11 hour drive from Lafayette. I love road trips and stopping at all of the roadside attractions.

We left bright and early at 3am on Saturday so we would get to our hotel around dinner time. Once we crossed over into West Virginia I had an attraction on our list to stop at, The Mystery Hole. To get to The Mystery Hole, it is a complete mountain drive. I'm talking crazy and abundant turns where you are going a max of 30 miles per hour. When we finally arrived at The Mystery Hole it ended up being closed for the season, but I took a photo of the outside and crossed it off of my bucket list. On the way to The Mystery Hole we ran across a pretty awesome waterfall so of course we had to take a quick stop.

Sunday was our day in Richmond and we spent it going to all of the museums. We started at the Virginia Holocaust Museum which had so many things to see. It is always important to remember the past so even though it was a hard museum to walk through, it was important to do. Our next stop was the Edgar Allen Poe museum, which was my favorite. It is such a neat museum and they had CATS!!!! If you know me, anywhere that has cats is a good place in my book! Afterward we headed to the Science Museum.

After the workshop we headed back to Indiana at 5am but first we had to stop at something that was on my bucket list from ever since I was a little girl, Foamhenge. Yes, you read that right, Foamhenge. Foamhenge is a life size replica of Stonehenge but is built completely out of foam! It was so neat! Since it had snowed a few feet of snow the weekend before we arrived and then was in the 60's the hill leading up to Foamhenge was complete mud. I, being the clumsy person that I am, fell on the way up! haha I was covered in mud and had to make am quick outfit change on the side of the road. Our car still has some mud in it that we need to clean out!

Below are a few photos that we took of the trip. Keep an eye out for Behind The Scenes images from the workshop on Wednesday!

These photos are a mixture of camera shots and shots from the Blackberry. I am sure you will be able to tell which is which! :)

The West Virginia Waterfall and of course a waterfall selfie!

The drive was completely carless the whole way there! And the infamous Mystery Hole.

Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Impromptu photo session while we waited for the museums to open.

Edgar Allen Poe Museum.

I wanted to take this cat home with me!

I'm in the shark tank at the Science Museum.

Last but not least, Foamhenge! If you look closely, you can probably see the mud all over me! :)


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