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Hawaii Vacation- Personal

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this blog post to go up and I'm sorry it's taken so long! It's been busy around here. I went to Hawaii in February and it was a blast! I spent our time on two of the islands, Hawaii and Oahu. We took one of our older cameras since I didn't want to risk something happening to one of our main cameras when it was so close to wedding season. We also really tried to relax and enjoy ourselves so we really didn't take that many images. When we got to Oahu, I don't even think I took any images with the camera besides at Pearl Harbor and we just took a few cell phone images! I know, I know!!!!

We started out our trip in Hilo and on the first day we went to visit two waterfalls.

As, always, I make friends with any animals that I see...

We stayed at a hotel that was pretty central in Hilo and on the water. We found these little lizards on our balcony everyday!

Apparently, Hilo had a fleet of Mustangs come in right before we arrived so they upgraded us from our economy car to this. We were excited!

The next day we spent the full day at the Volcano. The steam vents are crazy and pretty hot (just look at my face, the wind turned right when the photo was taken and all the steam went directly in my face! haha).

I was excited to explore the volcano.

The sulfur banks were crazy!

After we saw the steam vents, sulfur banks, and crater, we made our way to the lava tubes. This was one of my favorite parts of the volcano! When the lava was flowing at this spot they made these tubes that are awesome!

Super dark in the tubes, even with the lights.

Some of the lava rock formations.

The drive down to the active lava flow.

This is the sea arch and was so neat!

I also loved all of the designs in the lava rock.

At this point we were at the active lava flow. However, it's a 10 mile hike out to it with no car access. This is when we started the walk. If you look at the first image, you can see the smoke where the active lava is.

At this point we were about halfway to the active lava flow and decided to turn back. We had saved this part for the end of the day and that was a bad decision because we were hot and tired at this point. You can see how far away it still is!

Another day, we drove out to Kona, which is on the other side of the island. We stopped at Tex's and got their famous Malsadas which were soooooo good!

We went to the beach in Kona and then heading in to town for some shopping.

The next couple of days we just relaxed, ate some great food, and spent some time at the beach.

We hopped on a plane and went to Oahu and spent 4 days in Honolulu. Our hotel was next to the harbor.

The next day we spent the day at Peal Harbor.

The Arizona that you can see from the Memorial.

The views from the Memorial of the island were gorgeous!

Of course, we had fun with some of the tanks and we toured the Submarine as well.

The next few days we spent relaxing, eating, and at the beach. The beach here was my favorite of the trip.

That's it! Until next time!


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