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I'm Jasmine and I'm a wedding photographer based in Indiana but I serve clients worldwide!

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2019 Donations- Jasmine Norris Photography Gives Back

Jasmine Norris Photography Gives Back 2019 Donations

When I started my business I knew that I always wanted to give back in some way. Giving back has always been a big part of my life and I knew that I wanted to continue that on with Jasmine Norris Photography as well! I don't always talk about all the different ways that I give back but I know that a lot of you are curious so I'm going to start doing these end of year donation recap blogs so you can see all the ways that we've been able to give back!

I donate a portion of all of my sales to environmental causes each year. We only have one Earth and we need to treat it well. I'm able to give back in this way because of all of you! So thank you!!!! I change the different causes based on the needs that year and the events that have happened in the year (like last year we donated a portion to hurricane relief). Not only do I give back monetary wise, I also will volunteer my time or donate my services to different causes as well!

So without further ado, below are the 2019 causes:

This organization plants trees, fight deforestation, and invests in solar and wind power. They make it super easy to offset the carbon emissions that you make in the year from traveling, driving a car, living in your house, etc. I donated enough to cover my carbon emissions for the year for my business to offset things like me driving to weddings, flying to conferences, and using my computer.

We all know that the Australian bushfires have been pretty devastating this year and that they are estimating that 30% of the koala population has been killed with these fires. This organization not only has been rescuing and rehabilitating koalas for years but they have been out in full force during the fires providing water stations for koalas and other animals and rescuing all the koalas that they can. A donation was made to their cause to help them with their efforts.

Other Animal Organizations:

Donations have also gone to several other animal organizations to help with things such as building shelter for outside dogs, rescuing animals in need, and rehabilitating harmed animals.

This is probably a pretty familiar organization! They help build houses for people in need. A donation was made to help fund their services. I know it's not an environmental cause per say but it's a good cause!

This organization takes in stray and abandoned animals and helps get them rehabilitated and adopted out. A donation of food, blankets, and towels was made.

Help-Portrait is an organization that provides free portraits for families and individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford photography. The local Lafayette photography community comes together each year for this event. It's a great way to give back to our local community and it's always a blast! This is a group effort by lots of local photographers!

If you have an organization that you'd love to see us support in 2020, let me know! :) It's because of all of you who book me as your wedding photographer, etc that allow me to give back this way!!!!


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