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Black White and Gold Bathroom Remodel: Personal

Are you guys ready to see our upstairs bathroom remodel?!?!?! If you follow me on Instagram, you will know how long we've been working on this project and I am SO EXCITED that it is finally done!!!! We purchased our house almost 7 years ago. It's a 110+ year old Stick Style Victorian House and we've been slowly improving and fixing it up. We did a lot of the major stuff right away but one project that we kept putting off was the upstairs bathroom. When we moved in, we kind of gutted it and left it like that and have been using the downstairs bathroom all this time.

Since our house is a historic home, we really try to keep all of the historic accents and features that our house still has. I LOVE the original features and it's just not our style to paint everything white and put ship-lap on everything (if that's your style, I'm not knocking that, it's just not for us). This upstairs bathroom had already been renovated a few times when we bought the house so even though it looked old/dated, it wasn't original. Even the shape of the room was something that was altered at some point in time. It would have been part of another room upstairs which was probably a parlor. Since the original accents and feel of the room had long been stripped away, I was super excited to fully redo this room and make it more modern!

I do want to say that we can't take all the credit for this remodel. While I did all of the design for the bathroom and Devin and I both did a lot of work, we did hire our friend Zach to do the plumbing work and our friend Brandon to do the plaster removal/leveling/drywall/tile.

Keep reading between the photos to learn more! I'll also link some of the items we purchased at the end if you are interested in them!

The above photo is a photo that was part of one of the listings for our home before we bought it. This photo was taken a few sellers before us so it was in even worse shape when we got the house.

The three photos above are when we were doing one of the walkthroughs of the house before we bought it. It was being used as a rental at this time and this was the main bathroom. As you can see, the wallpaper was pealing and missing in some spots. The shower and tub were in bad shape as well and there was a few layers of carpet!

Devin and I tore out the carpet once we moved in to make it a bit cleaner but other than that we left everything else. Once we FINALLY decided to move forward with the remodel, Devin tore out the old shower (that is now the linen closet) and we got the tub out.

We really wanted to keep the cast iron tub! I'm not sure if it was original or not but we really wanted to re-finish it and keep it BUT we needed more space in our bathroom and there was no way to get it out of the door and our house without, sadly, having to smash and destroy it. It does make me sad that we weren't able to keep it but I'm so happy for the way that our bathroom turned out so it was worth it.

And so the demo begins! Brandon tore out all of the old plaster and put up new drywall.

Once Brandon took out most of the drywall, I noticed that there was this section of the room that had some original hand painted wallpaper!!!! It was preserved pretty well since it was left under the slats that someone installed during some other remodel. If you look at the second photo, there was two other types of wallpaper as well in different areas but they were newerish and were plastered over where we couldn't save them. However, I had Brandon save the hand painted wallpaper area and frame it out because I did not want to hide or destroy this amazing hand painted wallpaper and we ended up turning it into a featured shelf area! This, honestly, has to be 110+ years old and original to the house. Now I wonder how the rest of the house was wallpapered because if this was upstairs, the downstairs receiving rooms had to be pretty spectacular!

I mean, just look at those details and gold accents!!!!

Next it was time to waterproof the shower area and then lay down the tile. It took me forever to find the right tile for the shower but we finally found it!

This tile can actually be placed into several dif