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Things To Do After Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Things To Do After Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Your wedding is over and it was exactly what you envisioned and everything you dreamed of! You are basking in newlywed bliss and enjoying this time with your spouse! Now that the wedding is over, there are a few things that you need to do (besides enjoying newlywed life and going on your honeymoon)!

Return Rental Items

Any items that you rented for your wedding (suits, tents, decor, etc) usually need to returned within a short amount of time after the wedding (most of the time within 24 hours). You will want to get these returned ASAP so you won't have to pay any late fees. Feel free to delegate this task to someone else who can be trusted like a family member or wedding party member so you can enjoy the day after your wedding.

Start Your Preservations

If you will be preserving your wedding attire, florals, or anything else then you will want to get this sent out ASAP! Florals will need to be preserved right away so they will look their best. You will also want to get your wedding attire cleaned as soon as you can so stains won't set in and so you can send it off to be preserved.

Change Your Name

If you are planning on changing your name after the wedding then you will want to get this process started. If you are planning on traveling soon after your wedding, you will want to wait to make sure your passport will match any travel bookings/tickets that you made. To start the name change process, start with the social security office and then update your drivers license, passport, utility companies, bank, payroll, and anyone else who has your name. You can also use a company like Hitchswitch who will help make this process simple. (You can use coupon code "JasmineNorrisPhotography" for 10% off their services.) Want more information on changing your name? Click HERE for a blog all about that!

Write and Send Thank You Notes

Now that the wedding is over, it's time to send thank you notes to your guests for their gifts and for anyone who helped you on your big day. Ideally, thank you cards should be received within 3 months of the wedding so you have some time but you will want to get started on these now so you won't forget.

Close Our Your Registry

If you have a wedding registry then you may need to close it out. Some registries will automatically close themselves out after the wedding, but for others you will need to close them. Also, as an FYI, some registries give a small percentage off of anything your guests didn't buy so if you have your heart set on an item that you didn't receive as a gift, you may be able to purchase it and save a bit!

Review Your Wedding Vendors

Your wedding vendors helped make your wedding a success and they would love to receive a review from you after the wedding. Reviews help couples in their wedding vendor search and you probably relied on reviews to book your vendors so they are important. Your vendors will appreciate the review, reviews are invaluable for small businesses!



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