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Behind The Scenes 2017

The Behind The Scenes blog post each year is one of my most popular blogs! You all love to see what goes on behind the pretty images that you see on a wedding day and this blog does just that! Now, Devin and I aren't the best at capturing amazing behind the scenes images for you all. The hustle and bustle of a wedding day is real and we are busy capturing the day for our brides and grooms so actually taking amazing behind the scenes images falls to the side. However, we did get some AND the majority of them are when we are testing the light and making sure everything looks great so we look SUPER pretty and by super pretty, I mean super unattractive! haha That always makes this blog post fun.

So without further ado....

Sometimes, we make our couples dance on the street! (Shout out to Colburn Video who got up high.)

We stand in for brides, grooms, and wedding party members all the time on wedding days! We have to get the light just right before their entrances!

Devin is my unofficial wedding dress hanger when I need it hung up high to get the perfect shot.

I'm always there to make sure your hair is in the right place.

Or to hold your dress up so it doesn't get dirty.

And to make sure it's fluffed out just right.

Sometimes I accidentally get right in front of Devin's shot while he's trying to make sure the light is right.

Or when he's trying to get a unique overview of a venue...

Sometimes we show up to a wedding day and it's SUPER rainy. Don't worry, we make it work! :)

Devin likes to make the culling process fun and takes these images for me to run across while I'm editing a wedding.

I try to stay out of the way during parent dances.

And of course the first dance.

Devin likes to make funny faces...

Apparently so do I...

Sometimes it's super windy and the arch has to be held up and I have to strap my dress to my legs to avoid a mishap!

Sometimes a guest or the venue will capture me doing my thing.

Getting a shot of the makeup process.

And sometimes we manage to get a photo of both of us in the mirror when we weren't planning on it!

Capturing the father/daughter dance and possibly trying to make my couple laugh...

Sometimes during a bridesmaid dress fashion shoot you have to do a little something to make the dress fit just right.

Thanks to Kaylee Creighton for capturing this during a styled shoot.

Making sure everyone is prepared for the First Look and then running out of the way!

Directing poses to make sure everyone will look their best.

Getting down low to make sure those florals are captured beautifully!

And of course getting up high to capture the whole dance floor!

Working with the videographers to capture the perfect reaction with the daddy/daughter first look!

Sometimes the veil blows a little too much and we get this amazing outtake!

Devin capturing me getting the perfect ceremony shot and then double checking that the light is right and that everything is in focus.

Helping make sure your gorgeous bouquet will fit into the vase after your reception entrance.

All of your vendors come together to make your big day perfect! Shout out to the amazing Colburn Video team!

Standing in for the groom during a venue walkthrough.

Making sure everything is just perfect for a special photo requested by the Maid of Honor and Best Man!

When you're testing the light and trigger the other flash on accident!

While people are finishing up dinner Devin and I set up for the reception events and like to try to catch each other taking photos.

Devin tries REALLY REALLY hard to make sure I always look my best in his behind the scene images....

Sometimes you just need to take a little break to warm up in between images.

I always have to take a Chicago skyline image.

We got some new backdrops in for our photo booth company, JNP Photo Booth, so naturally we had to take some images.

A typical BTS shot.

Devin will always take images of any animal or insect he see's at a wedding. Here's Mr. Chipmunk and Mr. Grasshopper.

I apparently get pretty excited when I'm around the cake...

Making sure your dress is perfect so we can knock out some outdoor portraits fast in the freezing temperatures.

And lastly, I always laugh at the funny jokes and speeches that your guests give (and sometimes get a little teary eyed)!

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our 2017 wedding season. I can't wait until it's time for all of the amazing 2018 weddings that are on the books!


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