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Walt Disney World and Universal Studios: Travel

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando Florida

I took a somewhat of a last minute trip to Orlando last week!

I did not take my camera along or even take a lot of cell phone shots because we really just wanted to have fun and relax so the images you see in this blog are all from my cell phone.

Magic Kingdom is my favorite Disney park and I even used to work there back in the day! I did the Disney College Program and spent a summer working in Frontierland!

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando Florida

We arrived bright and early before the park opened so we could hit all the rides we wanted before all the crowds got huge! It was cold and a bit rainy that morning so that helped too! We actually lucked out on this trip! I thought the crowds would be pretty bad since it was so close to Christmas but actually the week before Christmas was pretty dead! I think everyone was waiting for Christmas week.

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Sonny Eclipse is my favorite thing at Magic Kingdom. He is in the eatery in Tomorrowland and is voiced by the talented Kal David. I honestly think I will cry if they ever decide to take him out!

The Mickey Mouse ice cream bar is my Disney treat of choice! My parents would vacation to Disney twice a year and it always became a tradition to get the ice cream bar and eat it! Also, side note, can we just talk about this AMAZING Disney food's rain coat I picked up at Magic Kingdom?!?!?! I'm in love!

Since it was Christmas, the castle was all lit up for the holidays!

Day two we went to Hollywood Studios and met up with Rob and Amanda. Rob really wanted to see the new Star Wars land and ride the newest ride, Rise of Resistance. Now if you've been following along with this ride, you will know that they have tickets that you have to claim to ride it AND those tickets usually are gone by the time the park opens. This means you have to get to the park early, scan into the park, and then try to reserve one of the tickets from the app as soon as you scan in. They usually open the park up 30 minutes in advance and then the tickets go live right when the park opens. The park opened at 7am the day we were going. We woke up at 3am to get ready, eat breakfast, and get to the park. We took the first bus from our Disney resort and got to the park just before 6am. There was already HUGE lines! We hurried and got into place and all 4 of us were able to get into the park before 7am! Right at 7am we jumped on the app and requested tickets and we made it into group 45! Seriously, that's how fast they go! The ride was pretty great!

Here is of one part of the Rise of the Resistance Ride.

Of course, I had to try some of the yummy goodies! The one on the right is the Star Wars Green Milk (with alcohol). The milk is vegan which is a YAY but it honestly wasn't very good!

Day three was Universal Studios! Harry Potter World is spread out over both of the Universal Studios parks so we did both parks in one day.

When we first entered the parks, we came upon Dr. Seuss land so we stopped and rode a few of the rides there which were super fun!

We then made our way to Harry Potter!

There was so much to explore and see and a few rides.

After we did Harry Potter, we made our way to Simpsons land! It was my favorite with so many great areas! However, I made everyone go on the Simpsons roller coaster, which I thought was going to be an actual roller coaster. Nope, it was an action simulated roller coaster and we all died on it! haha We had to sit down outside of the Kwik-e-mart for a bit to try to recover. Everyone walking off of that ride looked sick!

But seriously! How great is this! Moe's is an actual bar, Lard Lad Donuts sells donuts, and Kwik-e-mart sells souvenirs.

After Simpsons land we grabbed some lunch and then rode some more rides.

At the end of the night, we made a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts! Voodoo is my favorite doughnut shop and used to only be in Portland, Oregon. They've recently expanded and now have a location at City Walk at Universal Studios. We stopped in and grabbed some donuts to end the night! Also, for you vegans, Voodoo has a lot of vegan donut options! My favorite is the Old Dirty Bastard which is a yeast donut covered in frosting and topped with crushed oreos and peanut butter!

And that's it! The next day we met up with Rob and Amanda for a quick brunch and then we flew back home!


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